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Potluck. The word conjures up memories of fellowship, laughter, "mystery" dishes, the ever-popular dessert trays, and recipes you pried from the loving hands of those supercooks who made everyone's palate pulsate with pleasure.

Potluck. Maybe there's one coming up with week, and you're fresh out of ideas and time to prepare something special. Don't panic. You hold in your hands the potluck lover's secret weapon-"The adventist Potluck Cookbook: Favorite vegetarian recipes from fellowship halls across the country".

Author Debby Shabo Wade has collect coveted recipes from potluck supercooks around the world that are tasty, innovative, quick, easy-to-prepare, and perfect for taking to your next fellowship dinner. Look up your favorite dish, try a low-fat version of it, or just dive in! The important thing is to have fun making food and memories that will bring satisfied smiles to those you love for years to come.

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