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One family’s story of survival and service.

Missionaries to Tanzania, Barry and Marybeth Mosier excitedly prepared for a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit their oldest son, Keith. With their two youngest children, fourteen-year-old April, and three-year-old Andrew they stepped onboard Flight 122 . . . but the plane never got off the ground.

After accelerating for only three hundred meters the first engine burst into flames. Moments later the plane overran the runway and plowed through an airport fence, crashing into homes, shops, and market stalls before erupting into a blazing inferno.

The Mosier family’s dramatic escape from the flames on April 15, 2008 caught the attention of the entire world. But walking away from this life threatening plane crash is only part of their incredible story. Sacrifice, miracles, and answered prayers; God stood beside them all the way!

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